Leapstart K2 Mathematics

Preparation for P1

Course Objective

To equip K2 students with essential skills in mathematics in preparation for primary school education. It covers the foundational topics in Primary 1 like Numbers, Measures, Add & Subtract and Word Problems.

Programme Syllabus

The programme syllabus covers topics like:

  • Numbers – 0 to 50, Number Bonds, Comparing Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, Even & Odd Numbers and Number Patterns
  • Measures – Shapes, Symbol Patterns, Length, Graphs, Time and Money
  • Add & Subtract – within 10 & 20, Of Length and Of Money
  • Word Problem – Addition & Subtraction Word Problem and Multiplication
  • Age Group:
    6 Years Old
  • Class Size:
    5 to 12 Students
  • Fee:
    $190 per Term of 10 Lessons
    Includes printable worksheets
  • Schedule:
    1 Hr 15 Min per Weekly Lesson
    10 Lessons per Term
    4 Terms or 1 Year Course
  • Venue:
    Online via Zoom
  • Note:
    This class is not suitable for children with special needs or learning difficulties as it is conducted online and the teacher is not trained to handle their needs.
  • Affordable & Quality Programmes

    Our programmes are priced at an affordable cost to the community. These programmes are developed/ validated by our co-founder, Mrs. Tan, who is educated in RGS, RJC and NUS and is a Montessori-trained preschool educator as well as an NIE-trained ex-primary schoolteacher.

  • Systematic & Structured Syllabuses

    The syllabuses of our programmes are organised in a systematic and structured manner which enable and help students to progress and learn effectively. We aim not only to teach but to inspire learning, impart skills and imbue strong foundations to the students, as well.

  • Dedicated & Competent Teachers

    Our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and dedicated to teach and develop the students. All our teachers for preschool programmes are formally trained in early childhood teaching and have been teaching in preschools for more than 3 years. Our teachers for primary school programmes are specialists in their fields, graduates with years of experience in teaching in tuition centres or ex-primary school teachers.

  • Excellent Feedback From Parents

    Our programmes have received very good feedback from parents and students. Students have shown improvements in their interest, aptitude, attitude and results after attending our programmes.

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